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Gould Academy Presents 13th Music Without Borders International Piano Festival

 The Gould Academy, an All-Steinway School located in Bethel, is celebrating the 13th season of the Music Without Borders International Piano Festival on July 1-27, 2019. Tamara Poddubnaya, a ren

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Brevard Hosts 16th Annual White Squirrel Festival

 Once more, the city of Brevard excitedly presented the yearly White Squirrel Festival, in commemoration of the popular domestic animal native to the county, and also for locals and visitors

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World Schizophrenia Day 2019: Eradicating Stigma Against Schizophrenia

 Mental illnesses have long been stigmatized in many countries. In some cases, people think that those who are suffering from a mental disorder are harmful, violent, or will never be cured. One o

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‘Adopt, Don’t Shop’: Shellebrating World Turtle Day 2019

 Millions of people around the world have probably watched the viral video of a group of people removing a plastic straw from a sea turtle's nose in August 2015. Years after it was filmed, th

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Mamma Mia! Celebrates 20 Years On the Musical Stage

 “Mamma Mia!: The Musical” is remaining strong 20 years after its debut at London’s Prince Edward Theatre. Variety mentioned in a  web post that the reason why the musical

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Kid-Friendly Musicals in London

 According to an article by the Musical Theater Project, kids have that natural or inborn connection with rhythm, music, role-playing, and performing. How one will support these natural talents o

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