The “House of Magic” Family Magic and Illusion Show Spellbinds Sydney this December

The “House of Magic” Family Magic and Illusion Show Spellbinds Sydney this December

Las Vegas Entertainment will be presenting a spellbound magic show to be held at Star Bar / Photo by Fer Gregory via Shutterstock


Las Vegas Entertainment brings to Australian families in Sydney a night (and day) full of wonder and amazement on December 22, 2018. Everyone of all ages should be amazed and left in wonderment as the “House of Magic” Family Magic and Illusion Show comes a-calling at the Star Bar (which used to be Planet Hollywood) Comedy Theatre located at George Street, according to The USA’s Donte D1 will be the host of this spectacular event. The slots for the shows are scheduled at 2 pm and 4 pm. Unfortunately for those who would like to catch the show early, all the 2 pm tickets have been sold out, so they have to hurry and grab the 4 pm tickets fast. Otherwise, the tickets might also perform their own disappearing act, and eager viewers may lose the chance to witness the featured magicians and illusionists ready and able to take the public on a magical journey. Exciting door prizes await the lucky kids of those who have availed the tickets to the family show ahead of time.  

Children will definitely be spellbound by the magic acts performed by the featured magicians and illusionists. They’re in for a surprise! But it’s not just kids who are in for a treat, but moms and dads are also sure to enjoy this magic show, especially if they reserve VIP tickets. If they book these premium tickets, they not only get to receive a choice drink, but also a discount for parking.

What’s On Sydney says that the prices for seats near the door will be higher. According to, the theater’s doors will be opened 30 minutes before the show begins. It would be best for the audience to arrive early since latecomers will not be allowed to enter the theater anymore once the show starts, as people going in during the performances may spoil the special effects of the show. Also, there’s no refunding for those who have been locked out either.


Entering the House of Magic

Moshtix invites everyone to the “House of Magic” Family Magic and Illusion show, which is described in their advertisement as “a night of ‘How did he do that?’” and as a “spellbinding, high-energy experience.” The spotlight will be on the two new awesome magicians Jack Daniels and John Messina, who are being hailed as the “big guns” of the show. Both are also considered as TV personalities. Audiences can expect jaw-dropping and eye-popping performances from these renowned magicians.

Jack Daniels, also dubbed as the “magician’s gentleman,” is the representative of Australia for the non-profit organization David Copperfield’s Project Magic, which aims to help people who suffer from disabilities, low self-esteem, and depression through magic as a means of therapy, stated. He uses grand-scale illusions and theatrical magic to bedazzle his spectators. Several reputable companies have asked him to perform for them during special occasions, such as Bank of China, JP Morgan Chase, and Bupa Australian. He also has had as part of his captive audience several heads of state. People are not only drawn to him for his magic style but also for his elegance and his great sense of humor.

John Messina is also a seasoned magician who has been charming audiences with magic using his deck of cards for 15 years. He also integrates mind reading, appearances and disappearances, and even fire in his TV performances, revealed. John Messina puts his own spin on the card tricks that were performed by David Blaine and Dynamo. He is also popular for his Close Up magic, also known as Roving Magic, as well as for his highly interactive stage shows. Moreover, he has also had big corporations as audiences, and these include Volvo, Optus, Westfield, LJ Hooker, GWA, CBA, and Tradelink.

Ticket Prices and Perks

Parents have a choice between getting either a General Admission ticket or a VIP ticket. The kid’s General Admission ticket costs $19.99 with a booking fee of $2.00 while for the adults, it costs $24.99 with a booking fee of $2.00. On the other hand, VIP tickets for children are priced at $24.99 with an additional booking fee of $2.00. Adult VIP tickets are sold at $29.99 together with a booking fee that costs $2.50. Each customer may only purchase up to 20 tickets.

Buying a VIP ticket entitles people to any of the four front-row VIP seats, as well as to have a drink of their choice. For adults, their beverage selection includes wine, beer, house spirits, soft drink, juice, or bottled water. As for their kids, they can choose between bottled water and juice. They are also entitled to avail of the discounted city parking at Centro Cinema Parking, which is located at Kent Street.

To add to the hype, the promotion of “House of Magic” Family Magic and Illusion declares, “Witness, or perhaps you didn’t? Some of the most mystifying, head-scratching, can’t be explained illusions and magic.”


Jack Daniels and John Messina will be showcasing a jaw-dropping and eye-popping performances / Photo by Getty Images