Planning for a Trip in Spain? Here's Some Festivals You Wouldn't Wanna Miss

Planning for a Trip in Spain? Here's Some Festivals You Wouldn't Wanna Miss

Three Kings Day is the annual gift-giving in Spain wherein confectionery is given to children in the streets / Photo by Timothy Krause via Flickr


Just like many cultural festivals around the world, Spanish festivals offers a different kind of fun and provides an opportunity for families to bond, aside from the fact that it helps promote local specialties, trades, and cultural habits. If you're planning to visit Spain, I'm sure you wouldn't want to miss these festivals. 

According to an article published in Expatica, The Three Kings Day, celebrated during the first week of January, is the annual gift-giving in Spain. People take part in a procession where they would give confectionery to children in the streets. Another popular festival in the country is the San Sebastian Festival where people do bonfires and dance to celebrate St. Sebastian. 

Jarramplas, Cáceres is a festival which began centuries ago. It involves pelting thousands of hard turnips at a devil-like character to ward off evil spirits. This festival is celebrated by over 1,500 people in the western village of Piornal every year. Young men dress up with scary costumes during the event. Portraying Jarramplas, a devil-like character portrayed by a man wearing a costume made from colorful strips of fabric is an honor. It represents a cattle thief who was once punished by local residents.

During the 1st and 3rd of February, thousands of people gather in the streets to celebrate the Arizkun Carnival. This festival was believed to encourage fertility and drive evil spirits away. Locals would be seen dressing in adorable costumes. Sitges Carnival, on the other hand, is probably one of the wildest festivals in Europe. Wild partying is hosted in the gay capital of the country, Catalonia. Drag shows and an enormous feast of local dishes are also part of the festival. 

If you're into animated films, International Animation Festival is the perfect event for you. The festival is a non-competitive film exhibition open for anyone who creates animated films. The four-day event is filled with workshops, conferences, and other special activities that you'll surely enjoy.