Britt Music and Arts Festival Cancels its Remaining Performances

Britt Music and Arts Festival Cancels its Remaining Performances

Orchestra performances for the Britt Music and Arts Festival are cancelled due to poor air quality in the region / Photo by Ktvl


The Britt Music and Arts Festival has managed to attract high-profile and local acts in music for the past decades. They provide diverse live performances, an incomparable classical festival and dynamic education programs that create a sense of discovery and community.

The non-profit organization was started in 1963 and has a summer-long series of concerts in a variety of genres from a two-week chamber music festival. They also offer a three-week orchestra season, and year-round education and engagement programs.

According to the recent reports from the festival itself, their remaining Orchestra performances are canceled due to challenges associated with the poor air quality in the region.

The management has decided to put back the rehearsals and concerts to the Britt Pavilion from the North Medford High School because the stage is too small for their repertoire. The remaining performances required extra instruments and musicians that the stage can't cater. Britt Festival won't be able to push of the performances due to smoke-related rehearsal cancellations after the move. The orchestra won't still be performing well even the conditions improve because they don't have enough rehearsal time.

Still, the Britt Orchestra have successfully performed for the past three weeks around the region. However, they will still be required to pay all the guest artist fees, the orchestra, and other expenses despite their cancellation for the two remaining concerts. The management will be releasing a refund for those who want but it will take time. They would also like people to consider turning the ticket purchase into a donation. It would really help them since canceling events are also costly. Every ticket that has donated to them helped them in continuing to put on great orchestra concerts in years to come.

Fortunately, they will be having the Britt Festival Orchestra Season this 2019 as they continue the 56-year tradition of the festival.