Musicals About Military Community And War

Musicals About Military Community And War

Wars changed the world and it is being remembered by means of musicals / Photo by: DariuszSankowski via Pixabay


Throughout the decades, wars have been shaping the world as we know it. Even though they have resulted in thousands of casualties, some of the wars that humanity has witnessed have also positively contributed to our art and culture.

Centuries after World War I, for example, the aftermath of this war is still evident in most countries. In a website called History On The Net, they shared that this war paved the way for the military to experience more advanced weaponry in order to take down four of the greatest monarchs in existence during that era.

Likewise, after the country experienced several wars, the United States began to learn how to get back on its feet. This is how they also invented the genre of musical comedy, in order to cheer up their people. Many Broadway and off-Broadway productions have tried to include some stories that have an element of military community and nationalism to attract the attention of those who have fought in the war.

Miss Saigon

The famous musical about the Vietnam War tackles the story of an American GI who falls in love with a Vietnamese bar girl named Kim. Milspouse Fest shared on their website that the musical is a modern rendition of Giacomo Puccini’s opera, Madame Butterfly. It first opened its curtains to the Broadway audience in 1991 and lasted until 2001.

Broadway World also shared that because of the success of the Broadway musical, it had numerous worldwide productions and in 2017, the musical came back to the Broadway stage once again. Aside from the story of love and affection between the characters, the musical also went deep into the struggles of life during the Vietnam War by allowing the different perspectives of each character to be showcased in the musical.

Miss Saigon was created with the combined talents of Alain Boublil and Claude-Michel Schonberg, the people behind the production of Les Miserables. Some critics believe that the U.S tour of Miss Saigon will enable the audience to enjoy the breathtaking score that will be accompanied by the powerful singing voices of the ensemble and the actors.

Broadway superstar Lea Salonga became more famous after she assumed the role of Kim in Broadway, and Broadway World believes that Emily Bautista, the actress who will step into her shoes, will beautifully revive the legendary role that Salonga left behind.

One of the most famous war themed musical is the Vietnam War musical Miss Saigon / Photo by: Stephen P. Carmody via Flickr



On March 31, 2019, Allegiance, the musical, will grace the Hawaii Theatre Center. On their official website, they shared that the musical drama is based on a book by Marc Acito, Jay Kuo, and Lorenzo Thione. Allegiance is a war musical which is based on true events. In the musical, they will show how life was during the Japanese-American war.

The war musical will revolve around the story of the Kimura family, who suffered due to the horrendous events of Pearl Harbor. The main character, Sam Kimura, will show how he proves his love for his country by fighting in the war. On the other hand, his sister, Kei, will ferociously show her love for her country by protesting against the unlawful treatment of the government to its people.

The Allegiance musical was first released on the musical stage in 2012 in San Diego and it opened its curtains on the Broadway stage in 2015. The original cast of the musical included the legendary actor and activist, George Takei, from the movie Star Trek and Tony Award-winner, Salonga, who rose to fame as Miss Saigon and Mulan.

On their official website, the musical production said that they have also been successful in showcasing the strength of the human spirit, and how the human spirit perseveres when one is torn between duty and defiance, and family bonds and forbidden loves.

American Idiot

Company Theatre will continue its 40-year record of presenting musical productions after they announced last month that the American Idiot musical will be entertaining the audience once again with its punk rock music. Theatre Mirror shared on their website that the American Idiot’s book and lyrics were created by Billie Joe Armstrong, who is also the lead vocalist of the band Green Day.

The revival of the Broadway hit musical will showcase the story of a group of friends from suburban America. Each of the characters will show how they try to make their way through life, while one of their friends decides to enlist in the Army. During the war, the character Tunny is wounded in combat and falls in love with his nurse, but when he comes back to his friends, they realize that he has already been amputated.

Fans of the band Green Day will want to watch this musical production since they will include some of the band's most iconic songs, including “21 Guns”, “Wake Me Up When September Ends”, and “Holiday”.

American Idiot is one of the musicals that are aimed at the criticism of the US Military and it is based on the famous song by Green Day / Photo by: Alex Bellink via Flickr