For The 90s Kids: Britney Spears Musical Is Finally Happening

For The 90s Kids: Britney Spears Musical Is Finally Happening

The upcoming musical titled Once Upon A One More Time will be using Britney Spears greatest hits. / Photo by: rhysadams via Flickr


The 90s was a very indulging era for music lovers, especially those who loved pop music. This was when popular artists such as Christina Aguilera, Madonna, Fergie, and Britney Spears had the best years of their careers as pop music became even more influential among listeners. 

Their popularity is still evident even in today’s generation. People can still hear some of their songs on the television, while there are fortunate times that these artists are able to make a comeback to the limelight and have their names appear in the news once again because of their new music. 

One of these artists is the 90s superstar Britney Spears who became popular for her songs, Toxic, Baby One More Time, and Womanizer. Recently, news about an upcoming musical which will be using the pop superstar’s greatest hits has rattled fans coming from different ages and different parts of the world.

Once Upon A One More Time

Children of the 90s who used to dance around their rooms to songs by Britney Spears will be delighted to hear that the musical called ‘Once Upon A One More Time’ will be featuring most of the songs from the pop superstar. 

The Sun reported in their article that the story is about a book club attended by classic princesses such as Cinderella, Snow White, and other popular fairytale princesses, who will be performing the pop princess’ greatest hits that defined a generation.

The pop princess herself said that the upcoming musical is a ‘dream come true’ and the news about this already made a lot of fans very excited. “I’m so excited to have a musical with my songs especially one that takes place in such a magical world filled with characters that I grew up on, who I love and adore,” said Britney Spears in an interview.

‘Once Upon A One More Time’ will also feature an original book created by Jon Hartmere (The Upside, Bare), and will be directed by Tony Award nominee Kristin Hanggi. The choreography will be led by MTV Video Music Award nominees Keone & Mari Madrid.

Furthermore, the musical will be having its first performance at the James Nederlander Theater on October 29, 2019, and they will be holding an opening night on November 13, 2019. After its planned run in Chicago, the production is planning to bring the Britney Spears musical to Broadway.

What is a Jukebox Musical?

The ‘Once Upon A One More Time’ is a type of jukebox musical. Theatermania defined it as a catch-all term used for stage shows that are created using the popular music that many people are familiar with. A jukebox musical has three different types of shows including The True Jukebox Musical, The Bio-Musical, and the Devised Plot Jukebox Musical. 

According to Theatermania, the True Jukebox Musical is a show that comprises songs from different artists in order to relay the story of the musical. Also, these songs can be obtained from different genres or eras and they can also come from different parts of the globe. 

The Bio-Musical, on the other hand, is a stage show that uses songs from a specific band or musical artists to tell their life stories. It is also reported that most Broadway producers stay away from making bio-musical productions since several flops happened in 2005: the Beach Boys musical called, ‘Good Vibrations’, and the Elvis musical called ‘All Shook Up’. 

Finally, the Devised Plot jukebox musical uses the songs of one artist to tell a brand new story which has nothing to do with the life of the artist. One famous example of this kind of music is the Mamma Mia! Musical production that ran very successfully on the Broadway stage.

Are We Ready For A Britney Spears-inspired Musical?

‘Once Upon a One More Time’ will be a devised plot jukebox musical which will show how the fairy-tale princesses figure out the existing patriarchy of their existence as a rogue fairy godmother drops a copy of a book called ‘The Feminine Mystique’ while they are meeting for their book club. 

Theatermania shared in their article that the idea of using Britney Spears’ music to tell a story about feminism could give a fun perspective while also planting the potential to spark a subtle rebellion amongst the audience, especially women. Imagine beating toxic masculinity using a dream ballet which is played while the song “Toxic” is playing. 

Also, using the devised plot model on this musical is being hailed as a smart choice since it will not make the musical too much of a memoir to the artist. Choosing Britney Spears’ music for a musical may also attract the millenials who used to love her music, and who are also now already capable of buying their tickets for the musical.


The ‘Once Upon A One More Time’ is a devised plot jukebox musical which will show how the fairy-tale princesses figure out the existing patriarchy of their existence. / Photo by: Getty Images