‘Cruel Intentions’ Is Having A Musical Adaptation

‘Cruel Intentions’ Is Having A Musical Adaptation

The 90s is an era where a lot of remarkable cult movies premiered on the big screen. It is also a significant era for some of the most famous artists known in the current generation since some of their first movies became very famous during the 90s. Aside from the cult movies, a lot of ‘dark teen movies’ have been famously patronized by a lot of movie-goers.

The film ‘Cruel Intentions’ was one of the many movies that have been a crowd favorite during the 90s era. Even though years have passed, some say that the iconic 90s film is still relevant in today’s society. In a review published by Hello Giggles, they shared that one of the characters of the film named, Kathryn Merteuil who was portrayed as the antagonist of the film, was also the hero in the film’s misogynistic culture where she lives in.

During the year 1999, where the movie was based, the society was putting expectations on how young women were supposed to behave and it was evidently showed in her double-faced character which both shows a strong feminine yet cruel character that hides beneath the image of devious young women who are open to committing social aggression. This narrative of the film is also said to be one of the reasons why the movie continues to be remembered after two decades it first released on the big screen.

The Musical Adaptation

For its 20th anniversary, Cruel Intentions will be having its musical adaptation which will also have a national tour. In a report by Courant, they shared that the musical adaptation will bring a new taste for the weird and savage romance story from the 90s, which starred by Ryan Phillippe and Reese Witherspoon.

Reports stated that the adaptation will be rebirthed as a cheeky jukebox musical that will surely bring its audience to enjoy the story of the satirical tale of sexual intrigue and deception. “It’s not a parody. It’s the screenplay onstage. But when you hear it this way, coupled with a ‘90s pop song you know, it’s deceptively funny,” Eva Price, the producer that made “Cruel Intentions: The ‘90s Musical” to be a successful off-broadway musical.

Chicago Tribune also noted that the musical show brings a new comedic element in the story about a cruel act of emotional manipulation. During the show, the audience surprisingly burst into laughter while hit songs from the 90s are playing and bring life to the story. The cast is composed of 10 young persons who performed the script of the movie while dressed with school uniforms which effectively showed the excruciating scenes of seduction and other aggressive scenes.

Some of the song included in the musical are the various anthems which were loved by the previous generation made a comeback in the musical stage and brought nostalgia to its audience. These songs are from Jewel, Goo Goo Dolls, R.E.M., The Verve, and Counting Crows, and since the musical show is based on a 90s film, they also used some of the songs from one of the decade’s most famous boy groups, NSYNC.

Nostalgia in shows

In a review by Broadway World, they also added that the young cast perfectly conveyed the lustful energy that Cruel Intentions radiated that it had when it was first portrayed in the big screen. However, despite the fact that some of their characters don’t always hit the mark vocally, the show still managed to capture the audience’ attention.

Forbes reported in their website that Cruel Intentions is just one of the latest adaptation that demonstrates the nostalgia for the 1990s. A lot of reboots of hit TV shows from that era like Will and Grace and Full House are rumored to have a prime-time slot and a theater adaptation, and recent musical adaptation of Pretty Woman proved that nostalgia can be a good thing for several adaptations.

A musical parody of the hit TV series Friends became successful after it sold $168,000 of tickets after 10 hours. When the show opened, 6,300 tickets have been purchased and it eventually announced an extension for their show run. “It was interesting to revisit them later in life with a dirtier sense of humor and kind of look at what was kind of great about them to remind people of that,” said Tobly McSmith, producer of these musical adaptations.

McSmith also added that the nostalgia played on these musical adaptation acts as a refresher in the current generation where social media and technology prevails. She also added that it is one of the reasons why the 90s remains potent because life was simpler during that year and people are not overwhelmed with the need to tweet and they are not still exposed with the toxicity of social media.

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