‘In The Heights’ Broadway Musical Will Have a Film Adaptation

‘In The Heights’ Broadway Musical Will Have a Film Adaptation

Lin-Manuel Miranda is known for his hit musical Hamilton, but some people do not know that his talent in composing and creating a musical masterpiece goes beyond a very long history of amazing musicals. Miranda’s other creation, In The Heights, will have a film adaptation in 2020, according to a report by Playbill.

The film will be directed by Jon M. Chu and as of now, some of the actors who will bring life to the characters from the musical are announced. Variety reported on their website that the film’s casting will include Leslie Grace and Melissa Barrera, the two actresses joined the previously announced Corey Hawkins and Anthony Ramos, who is also known for his part in another Hamilton: The Musical.

It is also later announced that Brooklyn Nine Nine’s Stephanie Beatriz will join the cast of the movie musical, as The Wrap reported recently. Beatriz will assume the role of Carla. It is also reported that co-writer Quiara Alegria Hudes and Lin-Manuel Miranda regained the control of the film right due to the sexual assault and harassment accusations about Harvey Weinstein, who owns The Weinstein Company where the film was originally been set up.

‘In the Heights’ Broadway Musical

The story of the Broadway musical shows the lives of the characters who live in the New York City Latino neighborhood of Washington Heights. Guide To Musical Theatre shared on their website that the Broadway musical originally features hip-hop, salsa, merengue, and soul music as their musical score.

In 2006, Miranda and Hudes wrote the story that effectively told using structures of music, culture, and dance that help characters to form their identities and purpose. The musical production was also able to use the power of music to explore and demonstrate efficiently the themes like hope during the times of adversity and the importance of close family ties. According to Vanderbilt University, the musical also successfully showed how hope plays an important role in achieving the opportunities ahead of them.

Since the characters of the musical are living within a minority immigrant community, it aimed to show the characters’ spectrum of laboring occupations, which again brought light to the theme of a family but aside from that, it also reminded its viewers about the importance of having a strong relationship within a community. ‘In The Heights’ Broadway musical also showed the realities of life by showing the lack of opportunities and resources for most of the minority groups that are living in the city.

Unfortunately, all things have to come to an end. After running for two and a half years, Lin-Manuel Miranda decided to close out the Broadway run of the musical. The Tony-award winning musical will close its production after it has played 29 previews and 1,185 regular performances.

How The Story Was Written

When Lin-Manuel was interviewed by Playbill in 2014, he shared how he created his other child, the award-winning musical, In The Heights. According to Miranda, he wrote the story in 1999 during his sophomore year at Wesleyan University and on November 12, the musical production opened at Wesleyan after it was presented by the theatre department and Miranda’s friend and mentor, associate professor of theatre, Claudia Tatinge Nascimento, directed the musical production.

“First of all, you have to know that I met Claudia my senior year at Wesleyan when she was coming in as a professor as I was going out as a student. Her first year at Wesleyan was my last year; we became friends then,” Miranda recalled. He also added that even though Claudia does not directly advise on his project, she was around while writing the musical, and they have worked together in some future shows.

Meanwhile, Nascimento also shared on the article that she was thrilled when In The Heights came back at Wesleyan University, “Heights demanded a lot of interest from musical theatre students,” she explained. Also, Nascimento wanted to discuss the challenges that the musical faces between its creative force. She also wants to bring more education in the field of musical since Wesleyan doesn’t have a full-scale musical, unlike other universities.

“There are kids who had never done theatre at Wesleyan who is participating for the first time because it's In the Heights,” Miranda added. He also mentioned that the reason why the Broadway musical became a massive success is due to the fact that he only cast Latinos to assume the roles of his production.

Both Miranda and Nascimento believe that musical production is a very Wesleyan musical since everybody already knew the songs and all the text before the first rehearsal. They also expressed their happiness when the students from the university expressed their enthusiasm in auditioning for the roles.

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