The Astoria Music Festival Goes On Despite Numerous Issues

The Astoria Music Festival Goes On Despite Numerous Issues

The Astoria Music Festival was launched in the lovely seacoast town of Astoria, in Oregon / Jess Kraft via Shutterstock


Amidst the lost booking terms, worries of collection of funds, and issues that the Astoria Music Festival was in trouble, the festival will still proceed.

The Liberty Theater, which traditionally is the biggest venue of the festival, chose to fill the slots up at the latter part of June, which was previously reserved for the Astoria Music Festival. Unfortunately, the festival has missed the deadline for reserving the site and forfeited the slots to other events in the middle of June.

When the Liberty Theater’s executive director, Jennifer Crocket, convened with the organizers of the festival last week, no plan or program yet was prepared so the theater had to proceed without them.

Choosing to Proceed

However, the festival board president, Deac Guidi, stated that a retrenched variation of the classical music series is still being prepared for the middle of June. This year, the music festival will concentrate on its program for young artists. Performances and concerts will transpire in venues close to Astoria, though it will be held at smaller locations like the Performing Arts Center of Clatsop Community College, Peace Lutheran Church, and Grace Episcopal Church.

Guidi explained, “Yes, it is still happening. But it’s just going to happen in a little more intimate of a setting for this year and focus on the work of the young artists and get it more out into the community rather than centering everything at the Liberty. We do have plans to come back bigger and better in 2020.”

Last April, people were concerned that there was a possibility that the festival may not push through at all when organizers failed to book the Liberty Stage. Nevertheless, the artistic director of the festival, Keith Clark, emphasized that musical performances will continue at their traditional venue by the end of June. Still, Crockett explained that the festival management continued to be mostly unresponsive with them about their upcoming plans.

Since the establishment of the Astoria Music Festival back in 2003, the Liberty Stage has always been a primary location for the event. The board president still wishes to have even one festival performance at the venue for this year.

The main reason why the festival will not be as great as before is because of issues on the collection of funds. Guidi said that currently, nonprofit organizations are greater in number as compared to when they first began. The focus of the people is split among the “newer stuff versus the older stuff.” Furthermore, he said that there’s a slightly more competing market to obtain a few of the contributions that were previously gained pretty simply.

Guidi added that for the time being, the organizers of the festival will be giving out more details about concerts and performances in the near future. The students who will perform are supposed to come around the 12th of June. Concert premieres will likely take place around the week of June 16.

The Liberty Stage has always been a primary location for the event since the establishment of the Astoria Music Festival back in 2003 / Sveta Imnadze via Shutterstock


Transpiring typically over the course of three weeks, the Astoria Music Festival occurs in a number of different locations. It is considered to be one of the most reputable from a limited number of summer classical music festivals happening in Oregon, and is able to attract first-class performers and offer substantial economic support to businesses in the local area.

Every June, the Astoria Music Festival is known to be the top of the bill at the Liberty Stage for a good number of years. That being said, in the past several years, the Liberty began creating its private classical series and performances to show over the course of the year and expanded its selections as a whole.

The festival still continues to have a great impact on society, as well as on the performers who are part of it, so that those concerned still wish that the festival organizers can still reorganize, as Crockett stated. She added, “Hopefully, they can come back stronger next year.”

About the Astoria Music Festival

Established in 2003, the Astoria Music Festival was launched in the lovely seacoast town of Astoria, in Oregon. According to, every June, the festival management prepares a season of symphonic, operatic, and chamber music concerts that runs for 17 days. Clark, the festival’s artistic director, is the one who chooses and conducts the programs, as well as invites notable international soloists to play as featured artists.

The yearly Apprentice Programs of the festival provide contemporary and well-developed training to upcoming instrumentalists and singers. A modern chamber music workshop is held for adults and non-professional musicians for four incredible days of effective ensemble coaching by their prominent faculty members. Furthermore, they have also prepared noon concerts for free, performed by their student musicians, in addition to a free “Music Around Town” activities alongside other organizations in the local area.

The Music Festival has achieved a reputation for excellence nationally and is known to be “the only professional classical music presenter on Oregon’s North Coast.” The opera productions of the festival have been included among “Top Ten Classical Music Performances in the Pacific Northwest” of The Oregonian thrice in the course of the short history of the music festival.