Brevard Hosts 16th Annual White Squirrel Festival

Brevard Hosts 16th Annual White Squirrel Festival

White squirrels do not have significant distinctions from the regular Eastern Gray Squirrels apart from their coat color / Eric Kukulowicz via Shutterstock


Once more, the city of Brevard excitedly presented the yearly White Squirrel Festival, in commemoration of the popular domestic animal native to the county, and also for locals and visitors to have fun and entertainment.

The Coordinator of White Squirrel Festival, Greer Gunby, said, “The white squirrels are unique to our area and are not albino. And while not rare around here, they don’t have near the population of the gray squirrels.”

Transpiring for three days over the weekend of Memorial Day, the family-centered festival continuously draws over 35,000 guests and visitors every year and proudly showcases native handcrafted arts, entertaining live music, a lot of food trucks, a beautiful Memorial Day parade, delicious craft beer, fun rides, and activities for children, according to

Nancy Coleman, who is the promotions coordinator for Heart of Brevard, explained that the festival is a significant event for both Brevard and Transylvania County since it features their beautiful place and their people. She added that it is a real opportunity to check out what their place has to offer, as reported by

The White Squirrel Festival is a whimsical festival that starts on the evening of Friday with an array of musicians both known locally and globally, yummy food trucks, and craft beer.

Events in the White Squirrel Festival

For people who love participating in marathons, they could register and participate in the White Squirrel 5K Run, which started off near the Post Office at West Main Street at 8:00 in the morning last Saturday, May 25, 2019. The Squirrel 5K Run was under the direct sponsorship of the Brevard Rotary Club.

To grandly commemorate the Memorial Day weekend, there was also a Memorial Day Parade and Wreath Ceremony happily prepared by the VFW and the American Legion. The parade celebrated the military service men and women and marched through the center of the town at 9:00 in the morning last Saturday, succeeded by the Presentation of the Wreath Ceremony which was scheduled to happen at the Courthouse.

Apart from delectable food and crafted beer, the wide streets of Brevard were also bordered with different merchants who sold customized crafts and arts, children’s fun activities, and fun rides. The winners of the White Squirrel Photo Contest were also exhibited, and the popular Transylvania Farmers Market was also in attendance on last Saturday.

A big space for Fair-Trade Village was also available and it showcased handmade products coming from around the world for the festival this year.

Individuals who love taking pictures of the furry little creatures took part in the White Squirrel Photo Contest. The deadline for the submission of entries was during the second week of May, and the photos were submitted to the Transylvania County Arts Council.

Also for this year’s festival, the top billing band was Sister Sparrow, who energetically played on the evening of Saturday. Performing during the festival are bands from the local area like the Dirty Birds, Traverse Brothers, Lovers Leap, The Po Ramblin’ Boys, Unspoken Tradition, Zoe and Cloyd, Chatham Rabbits, Clint Roberts, Jamie Laval, and the Fireside Collective.

The White Squirrel Festival is a significant event for both Brevard and Transylvania County since it features their beautiful place and their people / Kevin M. McCarthy via Shutterstock


Everyone was invited to come and join the White Squirrel Festival, and admission to events and concerts was free. For people interested in getting more information and details about the event, they can visit the event’s website.

The White Squirrel Festival was made possible by the sponsorship of other generous organizations like Transylvania County Tourism, the local government of the city of Brevard, Oskar Blues Brewery, HOB Businesses, Theophilus, Domokur Architects, Looking Glass Realty, and other companies.

More About the White Squirrel

According to the, white squirrels are not a different species from other squirrels in the local area; they differ basically because of their coat color. They are considered to be a fraction of the natural variation which happens in “a very variable species,” in this context, for the Eastern Gray Squirrel, or also known as Sciurus carolinensi. Apart from the colors gray and white, the squirrel also has black coat colors. In comparison with humans, it is like saying that we have different hair colors, that is, some of us have black, brown, blond, or red, or eye colors, like blue, brown, green, but basically, we are all the same.

White squirrels do not have significant distinctions from the regular Eastern Gray Squirrels apart from their coat color. Their disposition may even be proper for the gray version, not as much for the white version. For instance, when another animal draws near the gray squirrel, it races towards the closest tree and goes “spread eagle” on the tree’s trunk, disguising itself. However, when a white squirrel behaves like this, it draws more attention to itself since its coat color is emphasized against the tree trunk.