Check Out These Places When You Travel to Japan with Kids

Check Out These Places When You Travel to Japan with Kids

In Japan, there is something for everybody with many attractions that are family friendly / Sean Pavone via Shutterstock


Japan is definitely one destination that should be in one's itinerary when planning a vacation. It's a place that you should visit at least once in your lifetime. It may be a little more expensive but everything it has to offer is all worth it. There is something for everybody with many attractions that are family friendly. Here is a guide to the best spots to visit when you're traveling with kids.

1. National Museum of Nature and Science

Kids will surely love this museum found in Tokyo because of the various selections of fun hands-on activities. Almost each floor of this huge museum has child-friendly exhibits which they can enjoy and at the same time, learn something from. Try to read about Tokyo's railway system because most commutes are done by train. The museum is a mere 5-minute walk from JR Station and Ueno Subway.

2. Disneyland and Disney Sea

Of course, a visit in Toyko with the kids is never complete without dropping by Disneyland. According to The Culture Trip, many believe this is the Best Disney theme park in the world, mainly because of the very high standards set by the Japanese in terms of maintenance, customer service, the professionalism of the cast members, and amazing dining options. You can experience this for yourself with a visit to this wonderful park.

You might also consider visiting Disney Sea which is just neighboring Disneyland. This time, adults may have a little bit more fun here as they serve alcohol while the kids enjoy its unique attractions. The inspiration for this park are the legends and myths, and the park itself is built around themed ports which act as different worlds.

3. Ueno Zoo

Surprisingly, for a heavily populated city, the Ueno Zoo is very spacious and offers a wide variety of animals which include elephants, tigers, and pandas as the main highlights. For your planning considerations, the zoo gets really busy on the weekends because children simply adore seeing animals. It's closed on Monday but If the Monday falls on a national holiday, the museum opens on Monday and closes on Tuesday.

4. Hanayashiki

Toyko's Disneyland and Osaka's Universal Studios are big franchise parks that have their origins in the USA. Nothing wrong with that but if you are looking for a park which is truly original Japanese, then visit the Hanayashi park which has the distinction of being the country's oldest. This park has occupied the same location since 1853 and was originally a flower garden park. You can marvel at the park's space utilization ingenuity where you will find many classic rides weaving around each other in such a compact space.

Hanayashi park is truly original Japanese which has the distinction of being the country's oldest / TK Kurikawa via Shutterstock


5. Legoland Discovery Center

As always with other LEGO Land theme parks around the world, you will find lots of attractions build mainly with small or big building blocks. The park boasts of a play area, many hands-on activities, and a short ride where one can shoot at various targets. For many kids, the main attraction is the game where one walks through a hallway at a fast speed, otherwise they'd be hit with laser beams. You can find this attraction right at the end of the activity center.

6. Umi no Nakamichi Kaihin Koen

Japan is definitely not just Tokyo and traveling to the country's other destinations is highly recommended. You can go to the beautiful city of Fukuoka in the southern end of Japan and visit Umi no Nakamichi Kaihin Koen, a beautiful and sprawling park that was essentially designed as a family getaway. You will find here flower gardens, an amusement park, a zoo, sports fields, and lush green areas which are ideal for picnics. For children who get tired easily when walking some distances, you can rent them bikes at the entrance gate. They can explore the park's attractions through its cycling trails.

7. Kidzania

For children between the ages of four and twelve, this place will surely offer a pretty awesome experience. As described by, the main feature is for the kids to play-act their favorite careers, dressed up in full uniforms with lots of real-life accessories. For a day, they can either be dentists, cooks, firemen, engineers or some other of the other 40 careers they set their eyes on. All the props are child-sized. But you'll have to book in advance as this is a best seller.

8. Studio Ghibli Museum

Miyazaki Hadao is Japan's most famous animator and storyteller and his works have gathered a cult following all around the world. His animated universe can rival those of Walt Disney in terms of popularity in Japan. Who could forget such classics as "Spirited Away," "My Neighbor Totoro," and "Howl's Moving Castle"? The Studio Ghibli Museum is dedicated to the works of Miyazaki and plays host to his exhibitions, a screening special which features scenes which are not found in Ghibli movies, a cafe, and a garden area at the rooftop.